There’s something about a Chihuahua: their little size and big personality are definitely hard to resist. Believe it or not, these tiny dogs aren’t just lapdogs. Chihuahuas have a history dating to ancient times. Therefore, we are going to talk about a brief history of the Chihuahua dog, and you’re going to love it!

Where Do Chihuahuas Come From?

Chihuahuas are native to Mexico, and they were already a well-regarded breed in the form of Techichi. Quite, tiny dogs, and companion animals, Techichis were much more than just pets. The Toltecs were the first to domesticate them and kept them as a spiritual and religious symbol.

According to some interpretations, these dogs helped the deceased reach the afterlife, and the Toltecs made sure they were respected. The Aztecs conquered the Toltecs and took control of their dogs. They called the animals Techichi.

However, the dog faced extinction at the hands of the Spanish conquerors. Yet, it managed to survive. A few examples lived in remote Mexican villages, and their history lingered in the shadows.

History of Chihuahua dog, illustrated by an old Chi painting in oil
History of Chihuahua dog, illustrated by an old Chi painting in oil

It wasn’t until the 19th century that American tourists got their hands on the first Chihuahuas. Where did Chihuahuas originate, then? A new breed of dog was formed through selective breeding, and in 1904, the American Kennel Club recognized it.

Today, these dogs are cherished for their tiny size and loyalty. They get attached to one person and cope with separation remarkably well.

The DNA History of The Chihuahua Dog

Brace yourself since the history of the Chihuahua dog is getting a bit scientific here. Approximately 70% of a Chihuahua’s DNA is still unquestionably Techichi. But where did the other 30% go? Let’s find out!

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One DNA detective’s theory is that it is from a dog that was a globetrotter, arriving in Mexico from lands afar. Who could this be? The Chinese Crested, the Mexican Xoloitzcuintli, or the European Maltese pocket dog? The suspense is becoming too much.

Some believe the Chinese Crested rendezvoused with the Techichi, producing a brand new breed of dog. Conversely, skeptics say 30% of this mystery DNA could be the Mexican Xoloitzcuintli or the superstar Maltese pocket dog from Europe.

Speaking of Europe, the renowned artist, Sandro Botticelli dabbed into the Chihuahua magnificence. His painting ‘Scenes from the Life of Moses stars a furry friend that looks like a Chihuahua. Nonetheless, the catch is that this work of art was done before Columbus set sail over the ocean blue.

Chihuahua history dog paintings archive, Illustrated by a black and white image of a Chi
Chihuahua history dog paintings archive, Illustrated by a black and white image of a Chi

Things People Usually Ask About Chihuahuas

Given their tiny size, it’s not unusual for people to ask, “are Chihuahuas really dogs?” They are! Despite their petite frame, Chihuahuas are as much a dog as any of the larger breeds, equipped with all the canine instincts and behaviors expected of their species.

Beyond their role as companions, Chihuahuas have been cultural icons, featuring in artwork, movies, and even advertising campaigns, symbolizing both luxury and the enduring appeal of the underdog.

They have clawed their way from the Mexican culture globes not just within Mexico but globally, becoming all people’s favorite dogs.

Now, the million-dollar question: Is a Chihuahua the right furball for you? The characteristics of the Chihuahua make it a fan favorite, so brace yourself. Chihuahuas promise sass, charm, and a whole lot of personality.

They’re like having a pocket-sized BFF that’s always up for an adventure. Training? Piece of cake. Apartment living? They wrote the book on it. With Chihuahuas, you’re never alone — they’re always up for quality time, no matter where you are.

Wrapping Up

The history of the Chihuahua dog is an exciting and engaging string through history and many cultures. They were, however, more than their size. They were then and are now a monumental breed, holding within them the strength and tales of the people who have cared for them.

With the permission of our Chihuahua buddies, these tiny legends have remained popular, from frightening the battles to keeping your seat warm on the couch, reminding the globe that the smallest given beings can leave mighty hearts.

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