The Chihuahua and pit bull pair were adopted Monday after a Phoenix family saw a news report on them.

An unlikely pair of pups have found their new forever home.

Neeno, a pit bull terrier, and his partner, Bella, a Chihuahua, were given up by their owner, who could no longer take care of them.

The Arizona Humane Society wanted to keep the 9-year-old pups together for the next chapter of their life.


They made the rounds of local TV with a picture of little Bella sleeping on top of her big brother Neeno. That caught the attention of the Garcia family.

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“They’re so cute. What are the odds such a big dog and such a little dog are going to get along? That’s been my dream and it’s hard to coexist with two animals out of nowhere because they grew up together. It was like the perfect pair for us,”.

Garcia says they waited until the end of the day to see if the dogs were still available.

“We did a meet and greet and they were awesome. My kids fell in love. I fell in love,” said Garcia. “Neeno, thinks he’s the size of a Chihuahua. I don’t think he understands how big he is. His face is as big as mine and he just licked up my ear and face. Ok. We’re in love. Of course, Bella just jumps right on your lap. She just wants to hug and snuggle.”

The Garcias have no other pets. So, Neeno and Bella get to share their new family with each other.

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Source: 12news

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