Nestled in the vibrant heart of Toronto, Bao the Chihuahua relishes a lifestyle many only fantasize about. His owner, Xa Thi Ngoc Tran, a 37-year-old finance expert, accompanies him on worldwide escapades, ensuring Bao indulges in luxurious stays and dines in esteemed eateries. This captivating tale captures the hearts of many online.

Bao the Chihuahua and His Adventures

Over the last couple of years, Bao has been collecting stamps in his passport from renowned spots around the world. His global trotting kicked off during the quiet days of the COVID pandemic when Tran decided it was time her four-legged friend experienced the globe’s wonders.

Bao’s travels started in 2022 with a journey to Alberta’s Lake Louise, a scenic four-hour flight marking the beginning of their continental adventures.

From the crystal-clear lakes of Alberta to the cobbled pathways of Paris, Bao’s itinerary is as lavish as it is varied. In Paris, he and Tran stayed at the Hotel Louvre Saint-Honore, epitomizing opulence.

Bao the Chihuahua on a breakfast in Paris
Bao the Chihuahua on a breakfast in Paris

They savored meals at Café de Flore, cherished by both locals and tourists alike. Bao’s visit wasn’t just about relaxation; he also toured significant landmarks like the Eiffel Tower, weaving a cultural thread through his luxurious travels.

Bao naturally travels in style, boasting a collection of 75 outfits worth $2,500, including luxury items like a Chanel silk scarf and an assortment of glittery jackets and snug turtleneck sweaters.

Whether mirroring Tran’s understated style with trench coats and jeans or sporting a Hawaiian shirt on vacation, Bao’s fashion sense is as dynamic as it is colorful. After all, what other than princess treatment would you expect from an absolute star?

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At Home: A King’s Routine

Back in Toronto, Bao maintains a glamorous routine, with a diet rich in nutritious raw foods, including homemade bone broth for joint health. Tran credits adopting Bao as one of her life’s greatest decisions, highlighting their profound connection.

This deep bond between them is showcased not only in their travels but also in their daily lives, reflecting a lifestyle where pets are integral to their owner’s world.

Bao the Chihuahua near the poolside
Bao the Chihuahua near the poolside

Bao’s Rise to Stardom & Future Plans

Three years ago, Tran launched an Instagram account to share moments from Bao’s life, emphasizing his sassy personality and trendsetting fashion.

Since then, the account has amassed over 166,000 followers, with Bao regularly sharing outfit links and engaging content. His affinity for the camera and the genuine connection he shares with his followers have made him a beloved figure online.

Looking ahead, Tran and Bao have exciting plans to continue their globetrotting adventures. They hope to recreate a “Beverly Hills Chihuahua” experience in Beverly Hills, revisit the landscapes of Mexico, and explore the rich cultural tapestry of Italy.

On his social media, Bao shares his enthusiasm for dressing up, traveling, and dining at pet-friendly restaurants, inviting others to follow along on his luxurious journeys.

Bao the Chihuahua getting ready for travel
Bao the Chihuahua getting ready for travel

Wrapping Up

Bao the Chihuahua is more than just a pet; he is a cultural phenomenon and a testament to the bond between humans and animals. His life, filled with international travels, fashion, and food, reflects a trend where pets are increasingly seen as integral family members. As Bao continues to explore the world with Tran, his story invites us to envision a life of adventure and companionship, transcending the ordinary.

Through their story, Tran and Bao are not just exploring the world; they are redefining pet ownership and inspiring pet lovers everywhere to consider the limitless possibilities of life with their furry friends. Whether it’s in the lap of luxury or the comfort of home, Bao proves that love, care, and a little bit of style can make any pet’s life extraordinary.

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