What if we told you that a 22-year-old pup is currently living her best life in Darcy Lever, UK? The precious Chihuahua & Yorkie mix is in the race for being Bolton’s oldest canine – and perhaps the sweetest. To learn about the dog’s proper age, his owner contacted the relevant microchipping company.

Janice Kerr, who had rescued ‘Mouse’ three years prior, was stunned to know that the pup’s registration date goes as back as August 1999. Janice assumed that her dog had been chipped about two months after being born, which would make her twenty-two years old in June. The oldest recorded dog in history is Bluey (29 years old), but Mouse could be a close second.

The Story of The 22-Year-Old Mouse

Like most rescues’, the story of Mouse the dog had a very sad beginning. When Jackie first came across the angel, Mouse had no teeth and was suffering from a tumor in her mammary glands. Because she required a lot of care (including medical), she wasn’t the favorite adoption material in the Bleakholt animal shelter. Luckily, a woman named Janice immediately felt drawn to the pup, and as of three years, adopted Mouse from the shelter.

Jackie and Mouse’s story is even more inspiring, considering that they found each other when they both needed it the most. Janice, who is now 57, reported that she had a horse-riding accident that caused a fracture in her vertebrae. The NSF-practitioner was guided to bedrest, so her mate advised she get a dog to keep her company. When Janice went to the shelter, she asked for the oldest dog they had – which is where Mouse comes along.

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In an excerpt she gave to the Bolton News, Janice said that “When I found out about Mouse, I didn’t think she had much long left, but I wanted to give her the best possible end to her life.” According to Janice, the brown-coated doggy is still quite active. She also said that the chihuahua “jumps around like she’s a two-year-old pup,” and everyone in her community loves her.

While we wish Mouse a very long, happy life ahead, we also urge all our readers to open their hearts to these animals that need a little extra care.

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