How does an ” I Love You ” affect?

This dad said, “no,” he didn’t want a dog. He was opposed to getting a family pet. Can you guess what happened next?

It’s a familiar story. Dad doesn’t want the responsibility of a dog. After all, dogs cost money. They have to be cleaned up later. They must be fed, walked, and trained. Someone has to take responsibility for their daily care.

Sometimes, dads just don’t want to be obligated. Or, maybe they’re not a dog person. Or perhaps they’ve loved and lost dogs in the past and don’t want to experience that pain again.

There are a hundred reasons why dads say no. Yet, despite all the objections, somehow, a new dog joins the family….and dad falls in love. Like the besotted owner captured in this adorable video.

Watch as a tiny tan Chihuahua wearing a little tan sweater sits on the side of the sink. Dad wishes the adorable nugget a “good morning,” presses his head to the pups, and says, “I love you.”

Dad then moistens a washcloth in the sink while the pup patiently waits, perched alongside the sink. Then he says to the dog, “let me wash your face,” before tenderly washing the dog’s face with gentle strokes. Take care to wipe off each eye. As he passes, he whispers to the precious dog…

“I’m washing your face…
I love you…
My pretty baby…”

The sweetest moment captured on video ever.

Next, dad says, “hand” and “other hand” as he picks up each tiny front paw and carefully wipes them off. The pup lifts its small feet, obviously used to this adorable routine. No dirty paws for this pampered baby.

Then dad moves onto the back paws. “Foot” and “other foot” are clean next. The dog obliges without complaint. All the sweet pup’s feet are now squeaky clean. But they are not done yet.

The video ends with dad pressing his forehead to the Chihuahua one last time and one last “I love you.” And, it is clear that this dog that dad didn’t want is now his best friend and certainly adored.

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