Although Chihuahuas are not a high-energy breed overall, Chi puppies have that notorious puppy energy that all species have at first.

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If you fear that you got the energizer bunny of the bunch, there is no need to worry. Chihuahuas do calm down with age! Read on to learn more.

At What Age Do Chihuahuas Calm Down?

The energy level of Chihuahuas varies depending upon their stage in life, their health, their genetics, and their personalities.

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The Puppy Year

Chihuahuas are most energetic in their first year of life, which is called puppyhood. Although they technically are adult dogs at the age of one year, their second year may be considered a teenage year, where they may become withdrawn and moody for part of that time. Energy will still be higher in their adolescent year but likely not as high as during their puppy year.

Adult Years

Chihuahuas are considered adults on their first birthday and until they reach the age of ten. Some puppy energy you experienced during your first year of life will gradually wind down from here on out.

However, it will be a gradual decline in energy, not an immediate one. Continue to fulfill your Chihuahua’s energy needs through walks, play, and training as necessary.

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Senior Years

When a Chihuahua reaches the age of ten, they are considered a senior. You will notice the most significant decline in energy around age nine or ten, depending upon your specific Chihuahua.

Even though your senior Chi will want to spend most of his or her time snuggling, it is essential to ensure that they or she get exercise. A short walk in the morning and afternoon is necessary; the less use their arthritic joints get, the stiffer they will be.

If you notice your Chi’s stiffness is impacting his or her ability to be active, discuss options with a trusted veterinarian. To offer relief in the interim as your Chi awaits their appointment, consider adding joint supplements to their meals to ease their discomfort and pain.

Over-the-counter supplements that may assist uncomfortable senior Chis are fish oil and Cosequin. Keep in mind that results are not immediate, but most dogs will benefit from these over-the-counter supplements as they can help keep them more comfortable until the aging process advances further.

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Most bags of senior dog food will say age seven plus. However, Chihuahuas are considered old, later than seven, due to their long life span. Age seven marks seniorhood for larger breeds that have shorter life spans.

While you could feed a seven-year-old Chihuahua senior food, it is usually unnecessary until age ten. Be sure to consult your Chi’s veterinarian to ensure they eat the best food for their needs.

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How To Calm Down A Chihuahua

During your Chi’s puppy and young adult years, you wonder how to zap your Mexican jumping bean’s energy. There are a few ways to do this:

Go for a walk.

A walk is a great way to burn a puppy’s fuel; the sights, sounds, and smells are all fascinating to someone so new to the world. Walking also provides opportunities to socialize with various people, situations, and animals.

Since Chihuahuas are so small, you probably assume you will not have to go very far. However, puppies can put some miles under their paws when they have bursts of energy. Pay attention to your Chi puppy’s body language to gauge how far they want to walk.

Keep in mind that puppies should not be subjected to high-impact exercise for long periods due to their developing joints, so walk, don’t run, and turn around even if your puppy is still a ball of energy if you feel like you have gone too far.

Do a training session.

Training a puppy or new dog is crucial to welcoming them into your family. Teaching offers a bonding opportunity for owners and puppies, makes your Chihuahua think, which offers mental stimulation, and is crucial to creating a well-behaved dog.

Training sessions do not have to last as long as exercise because this mental stimulation is challenging to puppies; fifteen to twenty minutes is all that you need. Ending on a positive note is necessary for a training session to be successful.

Be mindful of using tiny training treats to prevent adding too many calories to your Chi’s diet, as this breed gains weight rapidly.

Play a game.

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Any positive activity that makes your puppy be physically active and provides mental stimulation counts as a game. Some of the most common games to play are:

  • Throw your Chihuahua’s favorite toys around the room for them to chase.
  • Hide treats in a muffin tin under toys.
  • Purchase a food puzzle.
  • Check out this post on indoor games to play with your chihuahua for more fun.
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Chihuahuas are at the highest energy level in their first year of life, then their energy gradually decreases, with the maximum decrease occurring around age ten. Ensuring your Chihuahua receives regular exercise, training, and playtime helps drain excess energy and offers bonding opportunities.

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