A study conducted by scientists at the Royal Veterinary College in London examined aggression levels in popular dog breeds across the UK. The findings shed light on which breeds are more prone to aggression and provide valuable insights for pet owners.

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The Royal Veterinary College in London has looked at the prevalence of aggression and other characteristics in a number of dog species of the UK

1. Surprising Findings: English Cocker Spaniels Top the List

Contrary to popular belief, the study revealed that English cocker spaniels exhibited the highest levels of aggression among the surveyed breeds. It was discovered that four percent of cocker spaniels displayed aggression. And this percentage tripled to 12 percent for those with a golden coat.

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Cocker spaniels with a golden coat were found to be even more boisterous, 12 per cent of those studied 

2. Aggression Levels in Chihuahuas and German Shepherds

Intriguingly, the study revealed that Chihuahuas exhibited aggression levels comparable to those of German Shepherds. Thereby challenging the commonly held belief that aggression is solely determined by a dog’s size.

This notable finding, therefore, highlights the importance of taking into account temperament and behavior traits when selecting a breed. Consequently, prospective dog owners should carefully consider these factors to ensure a suitable match between the dog’s natural disposition and their own lifestyle and preferences.

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3. Friendly Pugs and Labradors: Lower Aggression Prevalence

On a positive note, the study indicated that Pugs and Labradors exhibited lower levels of aggression. Pugs were only 1.97 percent, while Labradors showed a slightly higher prevalence of 2.24 percent. These breeds are known for their friendly and sociable nature.

4. Factors Influencing Belligerence: Coat Color and Genetics

The research also investigated the potential influence of coat color on aggression. The findings revealed that golden-coated English cocker spaniels exhibited higher levels of aggression compared to other coat colors. Furthermore, the study found that solid-colored dogs, in general, displayed a higher tendency for Belligerence compared to bi-colored and tri-colored dogs. However, the exact cause of this association remains unclear.

5. Celebrity Connections: Cocker Spaniels in the Spotlight

Cocker spaniels, despite their raid prevalence, continue to be popular among celebrities. The Prince and Princess of Wales, George and Amal Clooney, David and Brooklyn Beckham, Elizabeth Hurley, Oprah Winfrey, and Elton John are just a few notable figures who have owned or currently own cocker spaniels.

Understanding the aggression levels in different dog breeds is crucial for responsible pet ownership. It enables potential owners to make informed decisions based on the temperament and characteristics of specific breeds.

However, it’s crucial to bear in mind that individual temperament can vary within a breed. Moreover, factors such as socialization, training, and genetic predisposition also wield substantial influence over a dog’s behavior. By considering these multifaceted aspects, pet owners can better understand and address their furry companions’ unique needs and ensure a harmonious relationship.

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