This is when a tiny Chihuahua tries to befriend a cat almost twice its size only to face the ferocious feline’s wrath.

Chica, the dog, is physically shaking and squeaks as she musters up the courage to approach the ginger tabby. 

The cat, called Kyle, hisses as the Chihuahua approaches him in Harborne, Birmingham, on March 1.

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The angry tabby cat Kyle keeps its eyes on Chica, the Chihuahua, as she approaches him on a step in Harborne, Birmingham.
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The cute canine wags her tail as she creeps closer to Kyle. But the cat keeps an angry look on his face. 

Chica edges closer with her tail outstretched and continues to whimper.

She tentatively puts her paws on the step below Kyle, who watches her closely.

The camera focuses in on Kyle’s face – which shows no sign of sympathy for his canine colleague.

Chica finally plucks up the courage to approach the cat, barks, and wags her tail happily.     

But as she gets a small part of her paw on the first step. The feline swipes at the puppy – forcing the tiny mutt to retreat. 

The animals’ owner, who filmed the clip but did not want to be named, said: ‘Chica and Kyle have had a long, strange relationship.

‘She is obsessed with Kyle and has even learned the cat’s name. So when we say it, she instantly reacts by running to the window and looking out for him.

‘That day, I opened the door for Chica to do her business and hadn’t realized Kyle was lurking in the garden.

‘I heard a commotion and rushed outside to find the two staring at each other in a tense showdown.

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‘Since they seemed okay and Chica knows not to mess with Kyle, I decided to film them for a bit.

‘As you see, Chica wants to b e-friends, but Kyle has none of it.

‘Kyle is very much the boss of the street. We live on and have no interest in becoming friendly with poor little Chica.’

image 28
But as Chica gets too close to the bottom step, Kyle swipes at her and hisses, causing Chica to make a hasty retreat

Scientists have found felines bully other pets because they are not as well domesticated as dogs.

Experts at the University of Lincoln discovered cats are the ‘key player’ in maintaining harmony in a dog-cat relationship…

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