In Nayarit, Mexico, a courageous chihuahua named Pincky is recovering after a brutal pitchfork attack. The incident occurred when robbers broke into his family’s home. Determined to protect his territory, Pincky confronted the intruders and suffered severe injuries as a result.

Pitchfork Attack: Miraculous Survival

The pitchfork penetrated Pincky’s spine, testicles, and leg, but miraculously missed any major organs.

The dog, in agonizing pain, required veterinarians to calm him down before they could transport him to the Veterinaria Animal Hospital. Be warned, the following image is graphic.

chihuahua had an accident from pitchfork attack
Chihuahua Heroically Defends Home in Nayarit, Mexico During Pitchfork Attack 6

At the hospital, surgeons removed the pitchfork from Pincky’s body. However, his wounds were infected, leaving his survival uncertain.

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Veterinaria Animal Hospital’s Exceptional Care

Due to the outstanding care Veterinaria Animal Hospital provided, Pincky’s condition improved, and they discharged him a few days later. The attending veterinarian shared their experience treating Pincky, translated into English:

“A few days ago, we received an emergency call about a house break-in. This beautiful puppy tried to defend his space, not knowing the danger he faced. We arrived on the scene, and Pincky was bleeding and in immense pain. We calmed him down so we could lift and transport him.

chihuahua at hospital recovering
Chihuahua Heroically Defends Home in Nayarit, Mexico During Pitchfork Attack 7

One of the pitchfork’s tines pierced his spine, a testicle, and his entire leg. Fortunately, none of these injuries damaged any vital organs. After surgical intervention, we closely monitored his reaction, as the infection was severe.

Pincky responded excellently, staying under observation for a few days and receiving medication. He has now been discharged and is doing perfectly. Pincky, you were very brave and strong.”

chihuahua survived after attack
Chihuahua Heroically Defends Home in Nayarit, Mexico During Pitchfork Attack 8

Credit: Veterinaria Animal Hospital

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