There seems to be no reasonable explanation for what people found stuffed in a tote bag left in the bathroom of a Home Depot in Maryland. Yet the bare fact is that a senior hairless Chihuahua suddenly finds herself without a family.

She’s getting all the help she needs now and looks so cute in her little sweaters.

image 37 45
image 37 45

On Friday, October 6, a woman found the tote bag with the scared little animal inside and brought her to the store employees. Another Good Samaritan tried to help by posting photos on Facebook in hopes of locating the dog’s owner. The Chihuahua was wearing a sweater but had no identification and no microchip, as was later discovered.

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Hairless Chihuahua Found Abandoned In a Bag 9

The Home Depot employees alerted animal control, which brought the little dog to the Humane Society of Harford County.

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“She seems pretty shy but has a lovely disposition,” Erin Long, marketing coordinator for the shelter.”

image 37 47
Hairless Chihuahua Found Abandoned In a Bag 10

Long explained that it is by the law that displaced animals be held for some time so that owners can reclaim them. Also, dogs not wearing a current Harford County license tag are held for 96 hours,” she said. If no one steps forward to claim the dog, she’ll be looking for a new home starting on October 12.

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Hairless Chihuahua Found Abandoned In a Bag 11
image 37 49
Hairless Chihuahua Found Abandoned In a Bag 12

A veterinary exam determined that the dog was temporarily named Cutey Petutey by shelter staff. Is about ten years old, a bit late in life to have to start all over again.

Yet, there are many possible reasons she might have been left behind. Sometimes, families fear their pets because of domestic violence and feel there’s no solution; other times, people find themselves in a financial crisis and can’t care for their pets anymore.

In any case, we hope Cutey Petutey will find herself in a safe and warm home soon.

image 37 50
image 37 50

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