Kobe, the adorable crossbreed between a Chihuahua and an American Bully, has captured the hearts of millions on TikTok. With over 3.5 million views, this “bullhuahua” has become an internet sensation.

The Bully Chi Mix: A Unique Combination

The Bully Chi, a mix of two distinct breeds, combines the characteristics of the American Bully and the Chihuahua. This crossbreed results in a charming and distinctive dog with a blend of appearances and traits.

bully dog and chihuahua
A file photo of an American Bully dog, left, and a file picture of a Chihuahua, right. The internet has been left amazed by a Bully x Chihuahua cross puppy.GODOGPHOTO/KUKAI/GETTY IMAGES

The Unexpected Surprise: Kobe’s Unplanned Arrival

User xo.tatzzz shared a TikTok video on May 20. It reveals a picture of a female bully dog and a male Chihuahua before introducing Kobe, the adorable crossbreed. The owner explains that they did not plan for Kobe but expresses their love for their new furry companion.

The Unpredictability of Crossbreeding

Crossbreeding dogs can yield unpredictable outcomes in terms of appearance and traits. According to Frank Hailer, an evolutionary biologist and senior lecturer at Cardiff University, predicting the prominent traits in crossbred dogs can be challenging. Undesired traits may sometimes become more prominent than desired ones. It often takes multiple attempts to achieve the desired traits through crossbreeding, a process best left to professionals.

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Responsible Breeding: Ensuring Animal Welfare

Whether one is looking for a crossbreed, rescue dog, or purebred, it is crucial to obtain pets from responsible and experienced breeders. Supporting reputable breeders ensures the welfare of the animals and helps prevent the support of puppy farms that prioritize profit over animal well-being.

Kobe’s Resemblance and Reactions

Kobe’s unique features, including a squat body, oversized ears, and wide eyes, have drawn comparisons to the beloved cartoon character Scrappy Doo. TikTok users have expressed their delight and pleasant surprise at Kobe’s appearance, with comments ranging from finding him cute to exceeding their expectations.

The Power of Crossbreeds: Past Reactions

Users drew comparisons to the reactions when they discovered a pug and greyhound crossbreed earlier this year. While some users found the crossbreed cute, others were amazed at the unexpected pairing and the resulting puppy.

A Crowd Favorite: Kobe’s Charm Shines Through

Kobe’s endearing qualities have won the hearts of TikTok viewers, with many proclaiming him the cutest dog they have seen. The overwhelmingly positive response further solidifies Kobe’s status as an internet darling.

Kobe’s popularity highlights the fascination and joy that crossbreed dogs bring, showcasing the beauty of unique combinations and the limitless possibilities of canine companionship.

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