Mark Wright and Michelle Keegan, both 36, have opened their hearts and home to a new family member – an adorable Chihuahua. It’s a heartwarming moment when celebrities like Mark and Michelle choose to adopt a rescue dog, showcasing their love for animals.

Mark Wright and Michelle Keegan exchanging comments on Instagram
Mark Wright and Michelle Keegan exchanging comments on Instagram

The Chihuahua’s Arrival

The former TOWIE star, Mark, shared a heartwarming photo on his Instagram, where he can be seen cradling the Chihuahua in his hood pocket.

Despite Mark’s playful caption, “I wanted a Doberman,” it’s clear that the tiny Chihuahua has found a special place in their hearts.

Mark’s Instagram post gave a glimpse of their furry friend and the couple’s shared excitement about their new pet.

The backdrop of the photo showcased various dog accessories, indicating that the couple had indulged in a shopping spree for their newest family member.

What is the Couple Up to Lately?

Michelle Keegan, known for her role in “Fool Me Once” and other projects, shared her perspective on maintaining a thriving relationship with Mark despite their demanding careers and occasional long-distance stints.

According to her, the “main key” is making time for each other, even when they are traveling. The couple’s commitment to being best friends and supporting each other during their busy schedules has helped keep their relationship strong.

While making time for each other works well when they are in the UK, it becomes more challenging when work takes them to different continents.

Michelle Keegan holding her adorable Chihuahua
Michelle Keegan holding her adorable Chihuahua

Michelle revealed that during her work in Sydney in 2022, she spent two months alone before Mark joined her for six weeks. Their ability to adapt to these challenges and prioritize their relationship has contributed to their nearly nine-year marriage.

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Michelle Keegan, who previously played Tina McIntyre on Coronation Street, discussed her career transition and the hurdles she faced. She expressed her struggles with imposter syndrome and her fear that each job might be her last.

Despite her apprehensions, Michelle is excited about her upcoming projects, hinting at a job that will take her through to the summer.

Juggling The Love for Acting & Furrballs

Michelle’s acting journey has been characterized by her ability to wait for roles that resonate with her.

She mentioned the importance of finding roles that feel like a good fit and shared her experience of landing a lead role in the Netflix thriller “Fool Me Once” alongside Dame Joanna Lumley.

The collaboration with Joanna has inspired Michelle to envision a long and fulfilling career in acting, emphasizing the positive energy and grounded nature of her role model.

Michelle Keegan, lying down next to her adopted pups
Michelle Keegan, lying down next to her adopted pups

But, besides her love for acting, Michelle has also long displayed her affection for animals. Whether it’s through her social media posts or public appearances, she has shown her dedication to raising awareness about animal welfare issues.

Mark also shares Michelle’s passion for animals. He has often used his platform to advocate for animal rights and the importance of responsible pet ownership.

Mark and Michelle’s love for animals extends beyond their own pets. They have both supported various animal charities and initiatives throughout their careers.

Mark Wright and Michelle Keegan walking their dogs
Mark Wright and Michelle Keegan walking their dogs

Wrapping Up

Mark Wright and Michelle Keegan’s adoption of a Chihuahua reflects their love for animals and their commitment to providing a loving home for their new furry family member.

Their enduring relationship is built on friendship and the effort they make to spend time together, even during long-distance periods.

We wish them nothing but the best, and as for the Chihuahua – we know he’ll have the time of his life.

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