Police officers in Phoenix found a puppy abandoned in a pillowcase in February. Now, Pickles the Chihuahua has found his forever home.

After being alerted to a report of an abandoned and lonely dog. Police attended the location and made the heartbreaking discovery.

“Two officers rescued an abandoned puppy left for dead inside a pillowcase and thrown over a fence into a vacant lot. It happened about a month ago near 39th Street and Earll. These officers are two of many who happened to carry dog food with them and gave the pup a much-needed meal,” wrote Phoenix Police in a social media post.

Footage shared by the police department online shows the pillowcase tied at the top as officers approached and opened it. Pickles’ head popped out of the opening as officers welcomed him.

The dog documented crying and yelping. Before being carried by an officer. Who noted how frail he appeared. “Is he hurt?” asked one officer, as the officer holding the pup said: “He’s skinny.”

They placed the dog in the back of a police car. Which he accepted without hesitation.

Pickles the dog

Pickles is doing great.

Police updated that “Pickles is doing great.” And Arizona Humane Society cares for him.

Pickles was at the Arizona Humane Society for about a month. Before going up for adoption. We examined him and treated him for some dehydration in our trauma hospital. But all in all, he was in good health. Fully vaccinated and microchipped.” The shelter’s public relations manager Bretta Nelson told Newsweek.

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“Pickles, the one-year-old Chihuahua, is now searching for his forever home! This sweet boy is just one of many dogs. Who has gotten a second chance at AHS after being rescued by our friends at the Phoenix Police Department.” The society wrote on Facebook on Thursday.

In the time since the rescue dog has adopted. And renamed Stitch as he heads to his forever home.

“He has adopted within hours of his new family seeing him on social media. He now lives in Chandler, Arizona. They said they couldn’t believe someone would do that to a helpless dog and immediately hopped in the car to meet him. They plan to spoil him like crazy,” said Nelson.

In January

“Sadly, Phoenix Police do not have any leads who might have tied him in that pillowcase and are asking anyone with information to contact them.”

It’s estimated that around 3.1 Enter U.S. animal shelters yearly, with tales of tragic abandonment sadly being far from rare.

And in January, they found a dog abandoned in a trash bag by DeSoto County Sheriff’s Office. Who responded to a call?

It had spotted an “oddly-shaped” garbage bag near an intersection.
When suddenly, the caller opened the bag. They discovered an old, malnourished dog inside it.

In February. She found a Chihuahua inside layers of urine-soaked bags in New Jersey. It brought Coco to South Jersey Regional Animal Shelter after a dog walker discovered her.

“We found a dog moving and making noise in fastened bags.” They discovered three bags layered on each other.

Screenshot 2 9
Pickles the Chihuahua Found his Forever Home 5

This article is update to include comments from the Arizona Humane Society.

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