In a constantly-moving world, adopting a pet will certainly keep you grounded. This seems to be a statement that KUSI‘s Jason Astell agreed with since he recently adopted Josie – a chihuahua and terrier mix. The brand’s editor reported being exalted by the adoption, which the Helen Woodward Animal Center carried. With the “treasure waits for you” logo, this shelter has brought happiness to several people over the years.

The adopted puppy – Josie, is reported to be a sweetie that loves snuggles and was thrilled to find someone to which she could pour all her love and attention. According to the shelter’s PR and Communication’s director, Josie is spayed, microchipped, and two-months-old. She currently weighs 4.5 pounds but is expected to reach up to 25 pounds with the right care. We’re sure that the new-found bond between Josie and Jason will last for a lifetime, and we’re delighted that an at-risk puppy has found a new home.

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Adopt a Dog in Miami | Humane Society of Miami

If you want to get your own chihuahua and terrier mix, we suggest you check out the Helen Woodward Animal Center. Chihuahuas are great with children, terriers are incredibly energetic, and all other dog breeds will drown you with constant love and affection. We must also note that all animals in this fantastic shelter are neutered, have all the required vaccinations, and are equipped with microchip identifications.

If you decide to make an angel in this center as happy as can be, you will also get a 25% discount on the shelter’s Club Pet Boarding. For your first stay, you can rest assured that your pet will be in the best hands, from morning to evening. And for a more exciting time, you can take advantage of Helen Woodward’s Spring Tails Family Fun Days. Sign up now so you can take your dog to the fun of a lifetime while you enjoy the presence of friends, rabbits, cows, sheep, baby goats, and young emus.

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