On Wednesday, Rahul Nath, 29, was jumped by three men just after 7 pm. While walking his dog Mango along the 100 block of White Street in Williamsburg, New York.

A man who was attacked by three men in a violent robbery has been reunited with his 12-year-old Chihuahua Terrier. After she was kidnapped during last week’s attack.

Nath immediately filed a police report, which detailed the terrifying attack. Police are now hunting down the dog-nappers. 

According to the report, three men tackled Nath into a fire hydrant after demanding money on the streets of Brooklyn.  

When Nath told his attackers, he had no money, they callously took his dog instead.

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Rahul Nath, 29, and Mango, 12, were reunited with minor injuries after being abducted by a trio of attackers in East Williamsburg.
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The Assaulted Man was reunited with Chi, who Survived his Injuries 9
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The Assaulted Man was reunited with Chi, who Survived his Injuries 10
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Mango was rescued by Rahul Nath more than two years ago and was reunited with her owner after being taken from three unknown suspects during an attack in Brooklyn.

What does the video show?

Surveillance video shows one of the three attackers with a box, which police and Nath believe they used to carry Mango.

Speaking about the horror, Nath told CBS News: ‘I had headphones on, and I turned around, and these three teens were smiling at me, and in the next second, one of them tackled me into a fire hydrant.

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‘He had his hand in his pocket, intimating he had a knife, gun, or something.

‘He said, “alright, then we’re gonna take your dog,” and then he ran back to the corner and just scooped her up, and he and his two friends just run.’

Speaking about the pup, he added: ‘She’s already gone through a lot of trauma in her life, it’s clear and has abandonment issues. She needs love and has gotten better because of that.’ 

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Rahul Nath posted an update Monday on Mango’s GoFundMe following her rescue
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Nath said that while Mango is not feeling well, she is ‘happy, relieved and waiting to eat some good chicken.’

Following a post on his Twitter, saying, ‘For everyone who has had the kindness to reach out and retweet and donate: thank you. 

‘Mango was found yesterday morning and is going to the vet now with some injuries but overall happy.’

Nath continued, saying ‘she seems relatively healthy and intact, although making some vomiting motions, and quieter than usual. One thing is clear: Mango is happy and relieved and waiting to eat some good chicken.’

According to Nath, Mango is expected to recover fully from her minor injuries.

While Nath and Mango are reunited, police are still looking for the suspects. Who is wanted for robbery?

NYPD tells us that no arrests have been made so far and if you have any information. Call the police…

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