It is really so cute as a small dog and a big dog can play together. Friendship ignores the differences and knows no limits.

Lilly, a two-week-old Chihuahua, has found an unexpected friend to have fun with, Vage, a Great Dane.

‘Small dog syndrome’. When the small dogs think they’re more powerful than pack leaders or bigger foes. It is a common phenomenon in small dogs. Usually, they are not. But there are also small dogs like this Chihuahua.

YouTube video

Lilly and Vago met at The Forks in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. The small dog is a fearless Chihuahua warrior, her size does not matter. You have to watch the video above to see the reaction of the Great Dane.

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“Small dog syndrome” is a common phenomenon amongst little canines. Basically, it means that tiny dogs mistakenly think they are more powerful than bigger foes or pack leaders. Most of the time, they are not. But… then there are little dogs like this Chihuahua. I have a feeling he can pack a punch.

Watch as the tiny Chihuahua attempts to play with a really gentle (and much bigger) Great Dane, not taking no for an answer. It”s like the Chihuahua is trying to tame a dragon. A very friendly dragon!

This is probably the most adorable little play fight ever, with the two dogs being from the complete opposite ends of the spectrum:

Also, you have to give props to the Great Dane owner for keeping his dogs paw swiping to a minimum. One accidental smack and I feel like that tiny Chihuahua would have got his bell rung pretty good.

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