It is so fun to play games with our dogs, especially a game of cups. There are the usual games that we play which are things like fetch or chase. But for this human and her pup, the games are even more exciting and there are treats too!

The Game of Cups

This video shows the cutest Chihuahua’s intense concentration as she plays a game of Cups. This is a guessing game where there are three cups in front of her and the only one has a treat inside. She has to correctly choose the cup that has the treat in order for her to win it.

You could see how obedient this furry buddy is as she waits patiently for the game to begin. This game has a lot of rules that she has to follow and she does so flawlessly. First, she has to sit politely and wait to choose a cup while the game is in progress. Her nose should also not touch the cups at any point while the game is in progress.

She also has to only choose one cup and if she doesn’t guess correctly, the game will start over. There is even loud music playing in the background as a distraction so you could really see how much she is following the game. Her owner puts a few treats in one cup and she shuffles them around as the Chihuahua waits for her turn.

You can see that she is really good at this game since she gets it right most of the time! This type of doggy game is great for their mental stimulation and is one of our favorite indoor dog games to play on rainy days.

You can see her owner doesn’t make it that easy for her. Her owner shuffles around the cups for longer amounts of time and in more random ways to really get things going. However, the gaming prowess of this little dog always wins out in the end.

Source: teamdoggy

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