A dog’s unique way of ‘Chihuahua playing dead’ has attracted over 2 million views in a TikTok video. That’s where Mila the Chi attempts to do the trick as her owner pretends to shoot her.

YouTube video

She sits upright on her back legs, her front legs raised, and leans forward to nip her owner on the finger before falling over forwards and putting her head on the floor. Her owner then films her from below, where the angle looks like Mila is doing a handstand.

@mila.the.chi Mila spin on playing dead 🙃🤣#fyp #chihuahua #dogsofttiktok #funnydog ♬ Frolic (From “Curb Your Enthusiasm”) – London Music Works

Why Do Dogs Do Tricks?

According to the pet parenting website Wag! “For a dog to live a happy life, it is essential that he learn a few basic skills. Your Chihuahua needs to know to come when he is called and to not delay in making his way to you. And, a Chihuahua playing dead is close up there. That’s why people wonder how to teach a Chihuahua to play dead.

A basic recall command has the potential to save a pup’s life. Stay is another important word that Chihuahuas must have in their canine vocabulary. Other tricks are optional, but taking the time to work with them can be an excellent bonding opportunity for you.

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Chihuahua playing dead and other tricks
Chihuahua plays dead and does other tricks

Dog tricks are the canine equivalent of showing off. If you’ve ever seen a dog who has a vast repertoire of learned trick behaviors he proudly displays, you know that he is having a ball entertaining you. But at their heart, tricks are trained obedience cues, and many can be taught and combined to create new and interesting skills.

Whether you are teaching a “high five” or a “front” for competitive obedience, you want to keep all training fun for your dog. When it becomes work, no one wants to do it anymore. Not you, and certainly not your Chihuahua.”

A Chihuahua Playing Dead

Users were delighted in the comments on pups’ quirky behavior, with one saying, “no…that’s the correct way.” One user pointed out he doesn’t know how to teach a Chihuahua to play dead”I love when dogs misunderstand what you are asking of them, and we mistakenly celebrate prematurely, and then we can’t undo it lmao,” to which the original poster said, “Hehe I laughed so much that she now thinks this plays dead.”

One user commented on the aerobic nature of the pose, “Haha, awwwww, it looks like he’s making a handstand. I like this version a lot more.”

It would appear that the TikTok page is from the perspective of Mila the Chihuahua, as when one person commented, “Why is the music so perfectly timed for when her head booed the floor” the response is, “Mom Pawfectly edited it.”

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