A group of senior Chihuahuas has adopted an adorable kitten into their motley crew, and we can not handle the cuteness!

adorable kitten tries to teach old dogs some new tricks

You may know about or follow a group of senior Chihuahuas, all rescued by their amazing human, Julie Docherty. The group comprises MoMo, Choli, Paloma, and Benito, and Julie posts their happenings to show how amazing adopting senior dogs can be.

But, while her Insta profile says, “Old is the New New,” she’s brought a new, young thing into the pack. A new, young kitten that is.

Love My Neighbor Foundation

Julie volunteers with the Love My Neighbor Foundation in Los Angeles’s Skid Row. She hands out food and clothes to the homeless and others who need help. People often bring their pets with them. But one day recently, she saw a woman with a tiny baby kitten, and she knew something was wrong. The woman told Julie she was worried about the kitten. She knew she couldn’t keep it and wondered if Julie knew of a rescue for the baby. Though familiar with pet rescue, Julie wasn’t exactly sure what she could do. But she knew she would save the adorable kitten.

She took the kitten to the vet. And learned that it was only two weeks old and required a lot of care. So, not knowing how her old crew at home would react, Julie brought the baby kitty home and hoped for the best.

According to Julie, the initial interest in the new baby lasted about five minutes. Then, they didn’t seem to be the least concerned about the new young thing their Mom had brought home.

adorable kitten tries to teach old dogs some new tricks

They sort of all agreed that this new baby was not so different than they once were, needing the love and care of a family, and they decided Rosita, which is what Julie named the kitten, was, indeed, in her new forever home.

Julie says that all four dogs have had no issues accepting Rosita as one of the pack. Two dogs, Choli and MoMo, seem to take the lead in playing with Rosita and being patient with her kitten antics, while the other two, Paloma and Benito, are still letting Rosita wiggle her way into their hearts, though with just a bit of timidity. All, though, seem to enjoy Rosita’s high energy (for about two minutes) but much prefer when she hits the wall and naps out with them. (Can you blame them?)

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