LOL means laugh out loud online, but it’s also the name of a now world-famous Chihuahua who broke a world record by giving birth to 11 puppies. You’ll want to stand and applaud this dog mom who brought this litter into the world like a champ. 

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LOL: The New World Record Chihuahua

Imagine being a Chihuahua, the smallest breed of dog, and breaking a world record. Sounds impossible, right? Not for LOL the Chihuahua from Burbank, Illinois.

LOL has done the extraordinary by giving birth to a whopping 11 puppies, smashing the previous world record!

LOL hails from a loving, pet-friendly household in Burbank, Illinois. Her owners, the Johnsons, have always been passionate about dogs, specifically Chihuahuas, and their dedication has paid off in the most surprising way possible.

The Johnsons have nurtured LOL since she was a puppy, and she has grown into a healthy and vivacious adult under their care. 

By the time she went to full term, LOL was very pregnant and very ready to give birth. But, due to a hoarding situation in Kansas, the folks at Unleashed Pet Rescue and Adoption had to step in to help Laugh Out Loud.

With their assistance, she went into labor, and the litter of puppies slowly but surely made their way into the world.

LOL’s Incredible Birth

The foster mom, in her dedicated efforts to ensure a smooth birthing process and prevent pregnancy-related risks, had an open communication line with the rescue center.

It all started with the birth of the first puppy, then the second, then the third. The foster mom helped LOL through a whopping litter of 7 – which was already surprising given the usual litter size of a Chihuahua. But the surprises didn’t stop there.

As the foster mom gazed upon the wriggling pile of seven puppies, a gasp escaped her lips. Could it be? her mind questioned, as an eighth tiny figure joined the fray. Her heart pounded with excitement as she quickly relayed the news to the rescue center. 

“We’ve got another one! A healthy, tiny eighth puppy has joined the family.”

Just as everyone was settling down from the unexpected news, the foster mom’s voice came over the line again. A ninth puppy, as small and lively as its siblings, had been born. The news sent waves of astonished delight through the rescue center. 

“Incredible! We’ve got a ninth now. Can you believe it?”

The rescue center staff laughed and cheered, the joy and surprise in their voices echoing through the building.

By the time the tenth and eleventh puppies were born, everyone was ecstatic. The foster mom relayed this news, and the rescue center could hardly believe the updates.

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When the pack of 11 pups was born and LOL was carefully tended for, the family settled in for the night. The once-huge Chihuahua and her babies appeared healthy and happy. They’d had a long day, but it was clear that their story was one for the books.

Breaking the World Record with 11 Puppies

On the next morning, the foster mom counted eight boys and three girls, for a total of 11 puppies! Now, LOL was getting the last laugh with a huge litter, all of which will have loving forever homes.

LOL’s mom knew that this record-breaking Chihuahua litter significantly surpassed the average litter size, so she contacted the Guinness World Records.

Sure enough, they told her that the largest recorded litter for a Chihuahua was 10 puppies, a record that stood unchallenged until now. LOL’s extraordinary achievement is not just a testament to her strength and resilience, but also a delightful surprise that has left everyone astounded.

While it’s rare for Chihuahuas to have such large litters, LOL’s case demonstrates the vast range of possibilities within the animal kingdom. 

Small Dogs, Small Litters

Chihuahuas usually have one to three puppies per litter, and there are a few factors that influence Chihuahuas litter size

  • Size of the breed: Chihuahuas are one of the smallest breeds of dogs. The small size of the female’s body means there is less room for multiple puppies to grow and develop, limiting the size of her litter.
  • Health risks: Due to their small size, Chihuahuas often face heightened risks during pregnancy and delivery. Larger litters could increase these risks, making smaller litters safer for the mother and her puppies.
  • Genetics: Like other characteristics, litter size is influenced by a Chihuahua’s genetics. Smaller litter may be a trait that has been passed down through generations.

Consequently, the birth of LOL’s 11 puppies is a rare and significant event in the Chihuahua world. This event not only breaks the breed’s record but also challenges our understanding of what is biologically possible for Chihuahuas. 

LOL’s Post-Birth Care 

After the birth, the tiny mom was immediately attentive to her new brood, cleaning them and providing them with warmth. The intensive care she provided to her crying newborn puppies is a testament to her maternal instincts and love.

She was tireless, nipping off the umbilical cords and licking her pups clean of the birth fluid. She would nuzzle each one, ensuring they were secure and comfortable. Despite the exhausting birthing process, LOL didn’t show any signs of weariness.

Whether it was a gentle whimper or a small shuffle, LOL was always ready to attend to her litter. She would often curl around her puppies, providing them with warmth and a sense of security. Feeding time was a task LOL undertook with utmost care, making sure each puppy was well-fed and satisfied.

LOL’s nurturing instincts were evident in every action she took. Her attentiveness and dedication towards her puppies were not just heartwarming but inspiring too.

She broke the world record with her large litter, but her care and love for her puppies showed that she is a world record holder in motherhood too.


And there you have it folks! A Chihuahua named LOL, from our very own neighborhood, broke the world record by giving birth to a litter of 11 beautiful puppies. Just when we thought we’d seen it all, LOL has shown us that there’s always room for a surprise.

Now, our record-breaking momma is in great health post-delivery. She has been a trooper throughout the process and continues to be a doting mother, nursing and caring for her puppies with much love and patience.

 All 11 of the pups are active, healthy, and undeniably cute. They’re growing well, and are keeping their mom busy with their playful antics. They have been checked by the vet and have been given a clean bill of health.

So, what does this mean for our furry friends? Well, it definitely means that we should never underestimate them. Even the smallest dogs, such as Chihuahuas, can surprise us with their resilience and capability.

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