It’s now not uncommon for Chihuahuas to have one large puppy.

The gestation length for Chihuahuas is a little over two months, however plenty can happen for the duration of that time, and a few of it is able to be dangerous to your mama Chi and her pups. Those who have experience with pregnant Chihuahuas recognize the dangers and often advocate adoption over breeding.

If you’re decided to end up a grandparent to Chihuahua puppies, it is sensible to familiarize yourself with the potential risks for pregnant Chihuahuas, such as the scale and quantity of puppies, and fitness problems consisting of hypoglycemia and eclampsia. It’s also crucial to understand the warning symptoms to look at.

Size of the Puppies

Newborn Chis are tiny, however now not proportionately so in assessment to their mother. In addition to being “big” dogs as compared to their moms, Chihuahua puppies have huge, spherical heads that are tough for the mothers to push via the beginning canal. Because these issues can purpose problems for mom Chihuahuas, cesarean sections are frequently necessary; a few Chihuahua dad and mom even choose deliberate C-sections.

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Size of the Litter

The common length of a Chihuahua muddle is 3 dogs, but they have got been known to give start to up to 10. The size of the litter can motive problems for mom Chihuahuas; fewer puppies is not a higher scenario. With a big clutter, the growing dogs might want greater room than the mom has to give. That can lead to premature delivery or maybe a burst uterus. If your Chihuahua is only carrying one or two puppies, though, they could develop uncommonly big, making it even extra hard for the mother to give start naturally.

Low Blood Sugar

Hypoglycemia is a problem not unusual to Chihuahuas in general but, whilst a girl is pregnant, it is able to come to be an issue for mom and puppies alike. Your mom-to-be needs sufficient nutrition to make sure that her blood sugar would not drop to dangerous ranges that can reason seizures or even death. A mother Chi who has hypoglycemia can have hypoglycemic puppies, as well.

Milk Fever

Sometimes mother Chihuahuas broaden a circumstance called eclampsia, additionally referred to as milk fever. It’s as a result of low blood calcium and may be added on through negative nutrition throughout pregnancy. A large muddle for a small dog can be a problem, too, as numerous puppies will demand extra nutrients from their mama. This situation is normally one that occurs within a month after dogs are born but additionally has been known to show up inside the previous few weeks of pregnancy.


Watch for Warning Signs

You must seek advice from an experienced veterinarian regarding the fitness and treatment of your pregnant pooch; any odd behavior or signs ought to be introduced to the eye of your vet. Stumbling, glassy eyes, listlessness and once in a while seizures are signs and symptoms of low blood sugar. Irritability, panting, muscle spasms and fever can indicate that your Chihuahua has developed eclampsia.

Additionally, in case you take your pregnant Chi in for everyday checkups at some stage in gestation, your vet can hold an eye fixed on developing issues, in addition, to reveal the growth of the dogs to help determine if a planned C-section might be necessary.

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