Let we watch together a cool video.

Grandparents are known for always sharing a special love that no one else can give. They look after their grandbabies – humans and furry ones – no matter the situation. Plus, they give the best hugs and tons of treats. And well, sometimes a grandparent’s love for their grandbabies runs so deep that they want to take them home. That happened with TikTok user @spoiledwithlove‘s father, who missed his dog a little too much. 

In a recent clip she shared, which now has over 1.2 million views, she said her dad texted her, “I miss my boy.” He, of course, meant the Chihuahua she rescued, his little grandbaby. And then, 15 minutes later, she sees her dad entering her home on her in-house Cool Video camera. He was there saving the day. This is the only type of breaking we’ll allow! 

@spoiledwithlove Um…can I have my dog back please? lol #AnimalAbuseAwareness #dogsoftiktok #fyp #foryoupage #Rescued #Loved ♬ original sound – Renee & YogiBerra

Aww! He hated hearing his little granddoggo was left home alone, so he needed to step in and save the day. Was he keeping the dog from being alone, or was he doing it himself?! LOL! 

“Breaking doesn’t count when you’re there to spoil a doggo,” wrote @achristiebrantley. That’s the rule. We don’t make it up! “He asked if he wanted to go to grandpa and grandma’s house. His ears perked right up! 🤣,” added @Amber Buffum. He was so excited to go with grandpa! That meant extra snuggles, treats, and love. 

Other TikTok users were saying their parents do the same thing. @Jodi Curry-Davis said, “When I had my staffy my mom did this all the time. I would get pictures of their adventures 😂.” Aww! The creator responded, “They do the same for me, too! If I’m at work, they have my permission to get him whenever they want.” In an update Cool Video he posted, her dog was still with her parents! LOL. Sounds like they were having too much fun together. At least she’ll have a babysitter who will gladly take the job whenever she needs one!  

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