The clip shared by its owner shows the Chihuahua keeping up with the rhythm and hitting even the highest of the notes. That’s a Star Wars fan right there!

A video of a dog “singing” along to a Star Wars song has taken the internet by storm, leaving users stunned by the pooch’s unusual talent. Shared on Reddit, the footage shows an adorable Chihuahua, named Ozzy, howling along to one of the sci-fi film franchise’s iconic themes. The clip shared by its owner shows the dog keeping up with the rhythm and hitting even the highest of the notes. 

The Viral Star Wars Video

Since shared, the video has gone viral. In the comment section, Reddit users expressed their amusement and didn’t hesitate to make all kinds of Star Wars jokes. 

“A long time ago in a galaxy far, far awoooo,” wrote one user. “If you listen without the video, sounds like a drunk Yoda face down singing himself to sleep,” added another. One internet user even jokingly said, “I really think he’s trying to phone home! Sure he’s not some of Yoda’s people? I mean, he has some of the feats.” 

Newsweek reported that researchers had analyzed dogs’ reactions to various musical genres to discover which they prefer. They found that classical music has a calming effect on them. As per the study, dogs didn’t seem to show any reaction to pop music. But they had a negative reaction to heavy metal, including general agitation. 

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