A recent Reddit video features a chihuahua singing along to the theme from The Godfather.

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The chihuahua sings along the theme of The Godfather. (Reddit/@Mysterious-Slice-498)

There are many films that, over the years, have gained massive popularity among the masses. Some of them have even become cult classics, like the film The Godfather. Many people have watched and rewatched this film so many times that they remember each scene by heart. And it seems like not only humans but also dogs are a fan of this film. In a recent video uploaded by Reddit user @Mysterious-Slice-498, you can see a chihuahua singing along to The Godfather’s theme.

In the two-minute video shared on Reddit, you can see a chihuahua sitting on a sofa. Besides him, the theme of the film The Godfather is playing on the laptop. The dog can sing the song as soon as it starts playing.

Take a look at the video here:

This video was shared just two days back. Since then, it has received 790 likes, and several people have also commented on it. One person in the post’s comments wrote, “I could watch this all day! So stinking cute.” Another person said, “Here he is again! I’m having an awful day, but he made it much better.” A third person wrote, “Offer a bone he can’t refuse.” “13/10 would watch again. He deserves the big stage,” added a fourth person. Many users have also commented, saying that the dog is adorable. What do you think about this video?

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