The funniest pets are those who find joy in the smallest things. Such is this Chihuahua and its funny toy. Out of all the things she could play with, she chose the more distinctive one. Welp, at least she didn’t find it in the trash.

Ask any woman who has ever owned a dog (or any human, for that matter) what the number one rule of pet ownership is. The odds are good. They will tell you to always throw certain items away in the covered trash can. And, never risk exposing them for your pets to find and make the best of them.

If you don’t do this, you can guarantee that your dog will find something and present it to all the guests at your next dinner party. This can also happen with unused items, which TikTok user @PrayingPiper discovered with his tiny Chihuahua that found a new toy to play with. She has zero interest in letting dad take from her, leaving the pup’s family in hilarious horror following her fiasco.

@prayingpiper she almost bit off my finger 👹 #chihuahua #funnydog #dogecoin #lmfao #chihuahuastiktok #fyp ♬ original sound – Piper the Chihuahua

The Funny Toy Fiasco

Typical dog! The comments on this are just gold. @LJ says, “You should be bringing her candy and a heating pad, by the looks of it!” Oh yes, periods can be hard, even for tiny pups who are up to no good.

@Pleasestoplikingmycomments says, “Piper said, “Down with the patriarchy. No pink tax on panty liners.” @Bananatoast adds, “She carries that in case someone needs it, and it’s really thoughtful.” Aren’t people creative?

Yup, it is definite that dogs will play with anything they can get their paws on. Moreover, dogs aren’t the only animal that does this. You can just ask any cat that has found a q-tip! After all, it is their world, and we’re all just living in it.

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