“This last week, I lost two of my precious angels,” the former “American Idol” host wrote on Instagram Monday alongside photos of Tinkerbell the Chihuahua and Charity, her Yorkie. “A big piece of my heart is missing.” I feel the absence everywhere because I have beautiful memories in every place, which is not easy for me.

Paula Abdul is paying tribute to two of her beloved dogs, both of whom died in recent days.

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Paula Abdul took to Instagram Monday to reveal she’s currently mourning both her dogs, Tinkerbell and Charity. (Instagram)

The grieving Straight Up singer, 57, said she is “so grateful to have been their mother, and for all the unconditional love they’ve given me over the years, but now I feel their void in me. It’s a little tricky.

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A big piece of my heart is missing. “It’s amazing the kind of love a dog provides,” she continued. “It’s truly a gift from God.”

Last month, the avid canine lover adopted another Chihuahua, Nemo, ABC News reported Tuesday, and joked that people should “call me Dr. Doolittle.”

The tiny pup joined Abdul’s other dogs, Bessie Moo, Thumbelina, and Tulip.

In August, to celebrate National Dog Day, Abdul took to Instagram to say, “The love and companionship of a dog are unlike any other, and I have been blessed with so many amazing pups.”

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