Meet Rosie, a deer faced Chihuahua with a heartwarming story. Now 12 years old, she has been a service dog for several years. Her voluntary job at a local assisted living community involves showing love, compassion, and snuggles to lonely and depressed residents.


I was the marketer for the community when Rosie came to me as a rescue dog. She was thin, scared, and prone to panic attacks when approached by anyone. To help her socialize and feel safe, I brought her to work with me.

Amazingly, Rosie instinctively sought out residents in need of comfort and love. Her first day was overwhelming, but a wheelchair-bound resident with dementia approached her to provide reassurance. Although initially wary, she climbed into the resident’s lap and snuggled beside them.

A Tender Moment:


Rosie’s Special Connection with a Grieving Resident
Later that day, Rosie heard a frail voice from a partially open door and was determined to get closer. We entered the room, and Rosie jumped onto the bed of a resident who had recently surrendered her own dog due to her inability to care for it. Rosie licked, snuggled, and befriended this resident, providing much-needed comfort.

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Rosie’s Legacy: Eight and a Half Years of Love and Compassion
From that day until my retirement, Rosie made a point of stopping and sharing love and attention with anyone needing comfort. She truly is my little hero.

The Healing Power of Service Dogs: Rosie’s Impact on the Community
Rosie’s journey from a scared rescue to a loving service dog highlights the incredible healing power of animals. Her intuitive ability to seek out those in need and provide love, snuggles, and companionship demonstrates the positive impact service dogs can have on assisted living communities and beyond.



Rosie’s inspiring story reminds us of the incredible bonds that can form between humans and animals. Her dedication to comforting those in need has undoubtedly touched countless lives and serves as a testament to the power of love and compassion. Rosie’s journey from a frightened rescue dog to a devoted service animal is a heartwarming tale that will inspire and uplift anyone who hears it.

We thank the pup’s owner, Judith Lynn Smith for sharing their story and providing us with these heartwarming images.

Source: I Love Chihuahuas

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