Back when TikTok and Instagram weren’t as famous as they are now, we were totally enamored with a tiny Chihuahua named Chewbacca. Yes, the wobbly little angel is named after the fantastic franchise, and all because of his special looks. Little Chewie is rescued in Sacramento, California, where he first met the lovely Sarah. Out of all the puppies in the shelter, this one had immediately caught her attention. Why, you may ask?

Well, the first reason was that the adorable Chewie was rocking a kick-ass underbite that made him stand out from the rest. Even though he bears a dental malformation, the pup doesn’t experience any issues with his day-to-day life. On the contrary, this Chihuahua is always on the move, enjoying his life to the fullest. While many people would go for a typical-looking Chihuahua, Sarah was quickly drawn to Chewie, and she knew that they would quickly bond.

In an interview for Mashable, Sarah said that Chewie “has a lot of personality for a three-pound dog and can be very sassy at times.” Staying true to any Chihuahua’s nature, the pup ensures that everyone around him gets a taste of his unconditional love. The rascal’s Instagram page is full of adventures. Whether he’s for going out on walks, abusing the TV remote, or snuggling up with his mom, the Chi does it all. Like Rikki, Chewie is also a natural model, posing for pictures and videos as Sarah dresses him up. To help you get through these trying times, we’ve brought back Chewie’s most special looks: from NSYNC’s Justin Timberlake to Star Wars’ Princess Leia.

1. Tasty Spaghetti or J.T?

2. Chewie the Masterful Gambler

3. Elf on The Shelf

4. Chewie the House Burner

5. Is That a Bird? A Plane?

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