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Harry Potter style living for Poncho the chihuahua 5

Poncho the chihuahua,is four-year-old, from Rochelle, Georgia.He is rather better cared for than Harry Potter ever was by the dastardly Dursleys. But their boudoirs bear some resemblances. 

A cupboard beneath the stairs is no place for a boy wizard to spend his childhood. But one such cosy cupboard has proved just the ticket for a pampered chihuahua

The tiny room is located under the stairs and includes a tiny brass bed, a tiny dog painting, and a tiny dresser for all of Poncho’s tiny belongings. McCall’s nephew, Will Rigdon, discovered the bedroom under the stairs during a holiday visit and posted photos of Poncho’s little Harry Potter-style palace on Imgur.

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Harry Potter style living for Poncho the chihuahua 6

McCall told BuzzFeed she intended to use the room as a dog crate. But when she found an American Girl bed at a thrift store, and “a lightbulb went off”.

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“I thought it would be funny to use it as a dog bed.”

“This worked much better and is more comfortable for Poncho.”

McCall even said that the room is small enough to keep Poncho comfortable but big enough for her to get in there and clean and vacuum.

Does this mean Poncho the chihuahua is destined for amazing and magical things? Maybe, and maybe not, but he’s a dog who has his own bedroom, so he clearly has it made already. Way to be, Poncho.

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