The Branson Humane Society responded to a call for help on Friday, September 1. To rescue over a dozen chihuahuas which were abandoned in a wooded area in the Cape Fair region. The dogs were left in a clearing without food or water. The couple who found them called local animal rescue groups. But they did not have an exact count of the dogs as they stopped counting at 20.

Branson Humane Society called to chihuahua rescue
Branson Humane Society called to chihuahua rescue

Animal rescue organizations like For the Love of K9’s and Branson Humane Society immediately came to the area to rescue as many dogs as possible. Although some fled into the woods, they were able to retrieve most of them.

Naming and Caring for the Chihuahuas

The Branson Humane Society brought a dozen dogs back to their facility and gave them names inspired by 80s and 90s rock bands like Radiohead. Foo Fighter, Journey, Korn, and Kiss. The staff estimated that the dogs were all about three years old.

Alicia Mason with the Humane Society reported that six more chihuahuas came into the shelter over the next few days. During screening for disease, one of the dogs tested positive for parvo. A highly virulent and contagious virus that causes death in over 90% of untreated cases.

Quarantine and Treatment

As a result, the shelter had to close its doors to the public for ten days to quarantine the dogs and to clean the facility with bleach. The only household cleaner which can kill the parvo virus. The shelter is in urgent need of financial support from the community to cover the veterinary costs related to the treatment of the one dog with parvo and the needs of the other dogs. The shelter was already full of dogs when the chihuahuas arrived.

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Branson Humane Society called to chihuahua rescue
Branson Humane Society called to chihuahua rescue

Mason said that each dog will cost around $100 to $150 to vaccinate, Heartworm test, spay or neuter, microchip and deworm. Any additional issues like the parvo virus or a positive heartworm test will incur additional costs.

Why Spaying and Neutering Pets is Important

According to Mason, the situation highlights the importance of spaying or neutering pets to prevent the overpopulation of animals. She urged people to take responsibility for their pets to avoid such situations.

Supporting the Branson Humane Society

Donations to support the Branson Humane Society can be made through the Donate link on their website, The shelter and a fundraising thrift store are located at 2837 Shepherd of the Hills Expy in Branson.

In conclusion, the Branson Humane Society is a vital resource in the community that responds to animal emergencies. Abandoned pets and provides shelter, and care for animals in need. Please support their work through donations to help cover the costs of caring for these chihuahuas and other animals in their care.

Source: bransontrilakesnews

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