Days ago, we posted about saving Chihuahua, and we want to thank everyone who chipped in. With all your help (and Van Damme), we have succeeded.

A small Chihuahua puppy was caught under surveillance, as its owner was carrying her with a false passport. The Chihuahua would go to euthanasia, but the actor Jean Claude Van Dame embraced the cause and saved the Tiny Chihuahua from death.

Then, Jean Claude Van Damme entered into a genuine legal chihuahua dispute to save the dog, preventing him from being sacrificed.

As we know, the puppy is only three months old and has been sold to buyers in Norway. Only when she arrived in the new country local authorities realized that the documentation was changed.

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They even tried to repatriate the dog but were not very successful. Bulgaria refused the request, as the European Union has stringent rules for transporting live animals.

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Van Damme Spares Chihuahua Sent to Die 4

Van Damme and his Strive

Without being able to keep the dog and repatriate it, the authorities decided to send the animal for euthanasia.

Moreover, Jean Claude Van Damme made a strong appeal on his social networks to prevent this. He started by asking his followers to sign a petition, managing to rescue the puppy for him temporarily.

Then, Van Damme even posted a video talking about his connection with Bulgaria and asked the country to reconsider its position. That’s how the Chihuahua dispute took shape.

They didn’t do the roles right, but they can’t kill that Chihuahua. I will pay the fees due, no problem“, said.

The request paid off, and Bulgaria’s health authorities agreed to take the dog back and ensure it would be put up for adoption in a suitable place.

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