Lindy the Chihuahua has already won several prizes in her single year of competing in dog pageants in the U.K. But how did she become the glam Chihuahua we all love?

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Lindy, the glam Chihuahua, regularly wins canine pageants decked out in an ultra-glam wardrobe worth over $23,000, crafted by her talented owner Mandy Corbett.

While an ornate and embellished wardrobe like Lindy’s could cost other show dogs thousands, the Chihuahua’s owner, Mandy Corbett, uses her sewing machine and imagination to create big jaw-dropping looks for her tiny 4-year-old pooch — crafting elaborate gowns for less than $25 each.

For dog owners who buy their canine competition looks, a dress similar to those made by Corbett would cost over $230 to commission – even more with accessories. So far, the wardrobe Corbett has made Lindy is filled with $23,000 worth of dog couture.

When the furry fashionista isn’t putting her best paw forward on stage, Lindy lives in pampered luxury in Stockton-on-Tees, England. Corbett, 45, takes Lindy through a daily beauty routine covering the dog’s coat, claws, and teeth.

Overcoming Anxiety

Lindy lives with two other Chihuahuas — Coco, 4, and Indy, 10 — who help the dog train for the trick portion of her competitions and keep the posh pet happy and active.

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With support from Corbett and her canine companions, Lindy started competing in dog pageants a year ago and has already won several prizes.

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Her owner is “so proud” to see Lindy up on stage feeling good and credits training classes and pageants for helping Lindy overcome the “lockdown anxiety” she developed during the pandemic.

“She walks confidently, and that’s what I enjoy. I love that more than anything,” Corbett told SWNS of Lindy’s pageant performances. “It’s a complete turnaround from 2020 when she was anxious around other dogs and humans.”

Mandy got Lindy when the Chihuahua was just 16 weeks old. The pint-sized pooch was a source of comfort after the premature death of her 6-year-old Chihuahua Mindy from heart failure.

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Glam for the Gram

“Lindy seemed to know that I was going through a really rough time, and she never left my side; she was there all the time for me,” Corbett said.

During the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown, Lindy experienced anxiety from not socializing with other humans and dogs. Mandy started attending dog shows and training classes to help the pup overcome her fears.

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“I keep all her outfits and accessories. Moreover, I have to store some in vacuum bags under my bed because they’re just too big,” Corbett said of the wardrobe she has created. “I made at least 40 outfits for her last year.”

“I’ve got to know what she is comfortable in. If I make something that’s too heavy or too big for her, she won’t wear it,” the owner added. “I know how to make hats that are comfortable for her; the wigs are all handmade too.”

Mandy keeps her doggy design costs down by buying materials and embellishments from craft shops, and thanks to generous pals who donate materials.

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