Seven-year-old Beiber is currently being cared for by the Edinburgh Dog and Cat Home. The shelter is now looking to see the adorable puppy rehomed.

A sweet Edinburgh Chihuahua is searching for his new forever home. He wants an owner who can give lots of belly rubs.

Seven-year-old Beiber is currently being cared for by the Edinburgh Dog and Cat Home, with the shelter now looking to see the adorable pooch rehomed.

Described as a “loving and affectionate” dog, the staff is hopeful of rehoming Beiber with an owner who can provide a “calm” environment to help him feel relaxed.

Although he can be wary of males, Beiber is looking for an experienced owner. The latter must be willing to put in the time to build a bond with him before he moves in.

Looking for More Belly Rubs

Speaking about the cute pooch, the EDCH said: “Beiber is looking for an experienced owner with an adult-only home where he will be the only pet. New owners must be prepared to make several visits to help build a bond with them before rehoming.

“Beiber can be a loving and affectionate boy, although this is on his terms. He is very nervous and particularly wary of males. But, with patience and love, he has proven to be able to build strong bonds with people he trusts.

He is looking for an owner who can provide a controlled and calm environment for him to settle. Ideally, he can be given his own space to have some me time when he wants it.

“This Edinburgh Chihuahua loves playing with his soft toys and enjoys having a comfy bed. He is fond of a little treat. And, once he bonds with his owner, he will show how much he enjoys human contact and belly rubs.”

You can find more information about Beiber on the EDCH website.

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