Sometimes, our furry friends can be the best reminders that love, not a blood relationship, is what makes a family. One precious Great Dane and her new foster pups are taking to TikTok to prove this point, all thanks to their human Mama and her account, @dear_danes. You can also find their website–including everything you need to know about the gentle giant breed–right here

Birdie, the Dane in question, experienced a false pregnancy shortly before connecting with her two littermate babies. A veterinarian helped make the connection when someone brought in a pair of abandoned Chihuahua pups; the rest is history. Since @dear_danes is using TikTok as a video diary for herself and anyone who wants to follow their journey, there’s no shortage of updates on this adorable trio. 

@dear_danes Reply to @traceyjmathes when mom comes home 😀🥹 Froggy is thinking why me #doggo #rescue #foundpuppies #surrogatedogmom #rescuedogsoftiktok #savedpup #chihuahua #greatdanesoftiktok #tinydog #bigdogs #dodo #cutedogs #fyp ♬ When Mahm Comes Home – Puppy Songs

The size difference between Mama Birdie and babies Ducky and Froggy is just the cutest thing–it’s impossible to ignore! Commenters like @charlottethemastiff got a kick out of it, too, writing, “she says these are the tiniest great Dane puppies she’s ever seen, and the pregnancy was super easy 🥰.” LMAO! These little beans are much smaller than a Great Dane pup, but Birdie doesn’t seem to mind one bit. 

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As heartwarming as it is to think about a giant dog nursing and caring for Chihuahua puppies, it’s pretty funny, too. What breed will these babies think they are when they grow up? “Chihuahuas already see themselves as bigger than they really are,” commented @jackdrake567. “Imagine the self-image these will have 😳.” Ha! These little ones will have an insane amount of confidence for sure. Until then, Mama is there to make sure they’re doing OK. 

Since this sweet video went viral, @dear_danes has posted many, many updates. They even shared a video of the first time Birdie met the puppies!

@dear_danes When Birdie met her babies Froggy and Ducky ❤️ #foundpuppies #fupシ #savedpuppy #dogsontiktok #perros #chihuahuasoftiktok #chihuahuafanclub #greatdanepuppy #harlequingreatdane #greatdanes #bigdogs #bigdog #giantdogsoftiktok #fyp #foryou ♬ original sound – Golden Retriever Life

If that’s not the sweetest thing, we don’t know what is!

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