If you’re a regular visitor of Timaru’s main street, you’ve probably noticed a group of chihuahuas and their owners who can often catch up with their furry friends. These bonds are one of a kind, and here’s why.

image 23
Rhonda Eden with Tiny and Latte at the Chihuahua Club’s outing on Tuesday morning.

The Chihuahua Club, made up of family members Debbie Stokes, Rhonda Eden, Tamaru Eden, and Kellyanne Jennens and their furry canine companions, meet every Tuesday with the latest addition to the group, Nitro, arriving at the weekend.

Unsurprisingly, they all say the little dogs are the best breed out.

“Chihuahua’s are perfect for anxiety,” Tamarin Eden said.

“They are anxiety working dogs essentially. They’re very loyal dogs.” And, the bonds they nurture are one of a kind.

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They said the group enjoys meeting at a cafe and wandering around town.

image 24
Debbie Stokes, with 9-week-old Nitro.

Eden said she collected Nitro from Invercargill breeder, Southern Lights Kennel, at the weekend.

Rhonda Eden said the dogs accompany her on shopping expeditions, where she places them in the child seat of the trolley, collecting pats from passersby.

She said she has arthritis and the dogs are the ‘’best companions’’.

“He knows when I’m not feeling well,” she said.

“He comes and sits on my lap until I feel better.”

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