A pint-sized pup is making a difference to residents living in a care home on the Norwich Cathedral grounds.

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A tiny chihuahua named Pickle makes a massive difference to residents living in Norwich care homes. – Credit: Victoria Garside

Victoria Garside, 37, is the manager of the Abbeyfield Care Home and the proud owner of three-year-old Pickle.

Victoria got Pickle when he was just a puppy and started taking him to work so she could keep an eye on him. 

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Pickle is nearly three years old and has made a real difference in the cathedral grounds care home. – Credit: Victoria Garside

She said: “I would often look at his bed to see he’d disappeared, and he would also turn up with one of the residents. 

“He is so loving, a true lap dog.” 

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For years, Pickle has been applauded for making a huge difference in residents’ lives throughout the pandemic.

Victoria said: “With only ten residents living in the home, Pickle was a real spirit-booster throughout the isolating and trying time.  

Pickle is a big fan of being a lap dog and often wanders away from his bed to spend quality time with residents. – Credit: Victoria Garside

“A lot of our residents used to have animals, so having Pickle around has had a natural calming effect.

“He is lovely and enjoys being in people’s company.” 

However, pickle isn’t so popular with all the cathedral regulars, as despite trying to become “best friends” with cathedral cat Budge, the latter remains “not a fan.”

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