If you’re struggling to commit to a daily exercise plan, maybe it would help that you’re not the only one. Quarantine weight has fallen on most of us, and now that we’re going back to reality, we’re struggling to get it off. To help you with some motivation, we brought you this super-adorable video of a Chihuahua.

While many people struggle with the basic rules of yoga, this Chi called Pancho doesn’t seem to care. Pancho looks at his buddy Nic with admirable eyes and copies his behavior in the sweetest way possible. Nic and Pancho have their own Youtube channel and Facebook account, where people show their love and appreciation for the fitness duo. But how did the world discover these gems?

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When Nic started doing Yoga, he saw that his tiny Chihuahua was really interested in what he was doing. After some effort, he saw that Poncho was very eager to learn, so he started recording their sessions for his friends to see. What started as a simple video for his circle ended up being a fan-favorite among dog lovers worldwide. Below, you can find the duo’s first Yoga session that’s adorable as can be. Make sure to control your breathing, get out a mat, and start exercising with Nic and Pancho!

YouTube video

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