Many of us deal with anxiety, as do some dogs. Lindy the Chihuahua is one such canine, but she’s overcome it with her glamorous wardrobe and her success in dog pageants.

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Chihuahua Overcomes Anxiety Through Dog Pageants
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Homemade Gowns

Her wardrobe is worth over $23,000, but dog mom Mandy Corbett creates everything herself using her sewing machine. And, of course, some good old-fashioned creativity. She’s able to generate glam gowns for under $25 apiece, far cheaper than similar items on the market. Similar dresses can cost over $230 to the commission, or even more with accessories. 

Per PEOPLE, Lindy lives with two Chihuahua siblings, four-year-old Coco and Indy, 10, and their dog mom keeps them in the lap of luxury. 

A year ago, Lindy began competing in pageants and won some prizes. “She walks confidently, and that’s what I enjoy. I love that more than anything,” said Corbett to SWNS. “It’s a complete turnaround from 2020 when she was anxious around other dogs and humans.” 

Good for Anxiety

Corbett explained that Lindy developed lockdown anxiety during the pandemic. She got the puppy when she was 16 weeks old, after another pup, Mindy, sadly died from heart failure at six. “Lindy seemed to know that I was going through a rough time, and she never left my side; she was there all the time for me,” she said.

She began taking Lindy to dog shows and training classes after she began showing anxiety. After Lindy turned up at shows wearing custom dresses, other people spoke to Corbett about entering her pup into pageants. A keen sewer, Corbett said that entering Lindy into pageants has given her a reason to make costumes to her heart’s content. She made over 40 outfits for Lindy last year alone and keeps costs down by visiting craft shops and accepting donated materials from friends.

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