Chihuahuas are thought to be the long-time offspring of wild wolves. They weren’t as adorable as they are now. But, it was pretty easy to tame them and use them for human needs. Some of the earliest breeds of dogs are the Salukis, Greyhounds, and Dalmatians. But, how can we ever forget about the delightful chihuahuas?

Over the years, individuals have found many ways to get the most out of their dogs. Historically, dogs have helped to pull loads, herd livestock, and guard their master’s property. Of course, a chihuahua can’t do all that, but people have been adoring them ever the same. These fun-sized animals aren’t total strangers to history, though, as the Ancient Greeks were the first to “launch” lap dogs. T

To them, small dogs were ideal for ladies’ laps. This was mainly for keeping their stomachs warm. The first recorded chihuahua was Midget. She left people completely wooed of her abilities in the 1904’th Kennel Club. Ever since, chihuahuas do much more than warm people’s laps, as they’ve now upgraded to warming people’s hearts as well.   

Today, chihuahuas no longer resemble a full-sized dogs, let alone the mighty wolf. Since the first dog ever tamed and in recent times, people have realized that owning a pet has far greater advantages. And for that – we can thank chihuahuas. Whether it’s for adorable doggie blankets, showing off as beautiful purse accessories, getting rescued from puppy mills, or fighting for their lives against huge dogs, chihuahuas have always taken the spotlight.

Brave Chihuahuas: The Story

Yes, chihuahuas are quite brave. That was most recently proven in a small town in Sheffield. As fire was quickly spreading on the Capasse household, the family’s loyal chihuahua started barking frantically for its owners to notice. Luckily, the household members were quick to rise on their feet and call 911, crediting the life victory to their ferocious chihuahua named Amy. Luckily, the family quickly went to safety and rewarded the little Amy with various treats and kisses.

Even though the Capasses had to seek shelter until their home was fully renovated they certainly gave us another reason to admire the beautiful chihuahuas. As long as you feed, bathe, love and play with them accordingly, you’ll have a furry friend that will be there for life.

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