Nigerian comedian and actor Bright Okpocha is popularly known as Basketmouth. He has reacted after he was compared to a dog on social media.

The picture of a weird-looking dog was shared online recently. And netizens didn’t waste time pointing out that the dog has a ‘striking resemblance’ with Basketmouth.

A mischievous social media user went as far as making a collage of the comedian’s picture alongside the dog’s to emphasize the alleged resemblance.

The 43-year-old comedian got wind of the viral meme and took to his Twitter page. And express displeasure with the curator of the meme.

He placed a curse on the person and threatened to deal with him/her if he catches them.

Sharing the meme, Basketmouth wrote,

“The hater that did this will not find peace. I’m coming for you, lemme find fuel 1st… max 2 months. You’re mine”

However, his tweet further fueled the notion that he looks like a dog. His followers opined that there’s a visible resemblance between them.

See some reactions below,

A while ago, Basketmouth took to his social media page to celebrate his first daughter as she turns a new age on May 3.

The entertainer shared photos he took with his beautiful damsel on his Instagram page and issued a stern warning to boys who might have eyes for her.

And other Twitter users agreed with this, by Like the comments of those who had compared the comedian to the dog.

According to him, considering the fact that his daughter is getting older and would soon start attracting the opposite sex, he needs to arm himself in advance.

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