Keeping your Chihuahua Happy

Chihuahuas are blessed with a huge abundance of energy and as a consequence, they can easily become bored. A bored Chihuahua will certainly become a mischievous Chihuahua and they will get themselves into all kinds of trouble. If you want a happy well behaved pet you will have to provide him with some entertainment.

Make sure you put aside some time to spend with your Chihuahua on a daily basis. At this time all your attention should be focused on your dog and try to make it the same time each day. It is very important that you give all your attention to your dog during this time.

Entertaining Your Chihuahua, Entertaining Your Chihuahua

Don’t forget to play with your dog, roll around on the floor with him, throw him a ball, chase him about. Chihuahuas need playtime to expend some of that energy they accumulate.

Take your dog for a walk. Don’t use the same route each day, vary it so that he can experience different sights, sounds and smells. Spend at least 30 minutes a day walking your Chihuahua. It’s good for your pet and you’ll feel the benefit as well.

Whenever possible take your dog somewhere where you can safely let him off his lead and allow him run around. This is very important for his health and it’s a great way to allow him to work off his excess energy. If possible do this for at least half an hour each day. If you can’t try to let him run around at least 3 times a week. Don’t get in trouble with the law! Make sure that it is legal to let him off his lead in area you have chosen.

Entertaining Your Chihuahua, Entertaining Your Chihuahua

Get some toys that your Chihuahua can play with when you are not around. Things that he can chew are perfect. Spend quiet time with your dog as well. Just sit calmly with him. You can use this time to groom him or just to pet and talk to him.

If you don’t have enough time to spend with your Chihuahua one solution is to get another one. Chihuahuas don’t usually get on with other animals but they do enjoy the company of their own breed. By doing this you will provide your Chihuahua with a companion and a playmate for the times you are too busy. You will still have to make sure you give them enough time and attention though!

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