A cute Chihuahua got to have his own bed after 9 years of living in a puppy mill, and we can’t be any happier for him.

Source: YouTube

The senior Chihuahua named Freddie, spent 9 years living inside a wire kennel until sweet people at National Mill Dog Rescue got involved.

The sweet dog was not only rescued, but he also got to try out his first dog bed ever, how would his reaction be and whether he will like it or not would be found out soon by rescuer Theresa Spader.

The sweet dog lived a difficult life but that didn’t change his spirit, he was so sweet and accepted snuggles and kind words from Theresa.

Source: YouTube

She cuddles and hugs sweet Freddie and even gives him some well deserved kisses, and the next step is to introduce him to his new bed.

She placed Freddie gently on the bed and the poor dog is not sure what he should do, he moves around a bit buries his little snout into it, and sure enough, he finds the perfect spot.

Seeing the sweet reaction from the dog, it’s clear he is loving his bed, and according to the update video the sweet pooch also found his forever home where he will receive all the care and love that he has been missing all his life.

Source: YouTube

Live long cute Freddie, you sure deserve it.

Source: newsaboutanimals

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