Our Pet of the Week is Abby – a 3-year-old chihween. Yes, that’s a mix between a chihuahua and wiener dog.

She’s good with cats and kids and other dogs too!

They adopted Abby when she was a puppy. But, they returned her when the family didn’t have time for her.

Our Pet of the Week is Abby — a 3-year-old chihween (a mix between a chihuahua and weiner dog). Abby was adopted as a puppy and returned when her family didn’t have time for her.

Her previous family has kennel trained her, and now she’s looking for a new family who will love her forever! The Chihuahua and wiener dog mix is adorable in every way, and we’re sure that anyone who gets her will love her unconditionally.

Abby is fixed, has a microchip, and is current on all vaccinations.

The Chiweenie puppy, also commonly nicknamed as the Mexican Hotdog or the German Taco is an adorable dog breed that is a cross breed between a Chihuahua and Dachshund.

Both of these breeds are adorable, cute little dogs that just make the perfect companion for you if you are a single person, seniors or even families with older children.

Chiweenie puppies usually tend to be very unique and may differ from each other.

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