Our Pet of the Week is Abby – a 3-year-old chihween. Yes, that’s a mix between a chihuahua and wiener dog.

She’s good with cats and kids and other dogs too!

They adopted Abby when she was a puppy. But, they returned her when the family didn’t have time for her.

Our Pet of the Week is Abby — a 3-year-old chihween (a mix between a chihuahua and weiner dog). Abby was adopted as a puppy and returned when her family didn’t have time for her.

Her previous family has kennel trained her, and now she’s looking for a new family who will love her forever! The Chihuahua and wiener dog mix is adorable in every way, and we’re sure that anyone who gets her will love her unconditionally.

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Abby is fixed, has a microchip, and is current on all vaccinations.

What Happens When You Mix a Chihuahua and Wiener Dog 5

The Chiweenie puppy, also commonly nicknamed as the Mexican Hotdog or the German Taco is an adorable dog breed that is a cross breed between a Chihuahua and Dachshund.

Both of these breeds are adorable, cute little dogs that just make the perfect companion for you if you are a single person, seniors or even families with older children.

Chiweenie puppies usually tend to be very unique and may differ from each other.

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