Dogs moan to show they are content—or disappointed, so context is important when trying to figure out why your dog is moaning. But, if he’s happily snuggling next to you, it’s likely a contented moan. If you’ve ever asked yourself “why does my Chihuahua moan?”, then this is the article for you.

If you’re rebuffing his attempts to play, he’s probably disappointed. Whining and moaning can also occur when a dog with separation anxiety is left alone.

It’s A Form Of Communication 

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Why Does My Chihuahua Moan? 4

Since dogs can’t say “I’m so glad you’re here,” or “I’m so disappointed you won’t take me for a walk!” moaning is a way that they express their feelings. Usually, moaning is no cause for concern, but there are some cases in which action may need to be taken such as:

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You Suspect Separation Anxiety 

Does your dog moan or whine when you’re gone? That could be a sign of separation anxiety, which can be mild, moderate, or severe. No matter the level of your dog’s anxiety, you should talk to a vet or animal behaviorist. Separation anxiety won’t go away without intervention, and it often gets worse over time. The sooner you start working on ways to help your dog overcome his anxiety the better.

Why Does My Chihuahua Moan When Not in Bed 

Most of the time dogs suffer in silence. That’s why diseases are sometimes quite advanced before they are detected. Sometimes, however, their discomfort does lead to vocalization. If your dog moans when getting comfortable in their bed, it could be due to fluid buildup in the abdomen. To test this, try rubbing your dog’s belly. If he seems to be in pain at your touch, make a visit to your vet a priority.

Whether your dog’s moaning is a sign of contentedness or disappointment, it’s usually no cause for concern. Just pay close attention to context, and contact your vet if you suspect there may be a problem. 

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