If you haven’t been having the best day, we need you to check out guilty Luke. This very innocent-looking golden retriever hilariously freezes in place. This is when he’s caught stealing his human Traci’s food off the counter, out of the box, or from the refrigerator.

Rather than yelling at Luke, Traci’s approach when catching him is a little different. She proceeds to ask him questions about to whom the food really belongs and what he plans to do with it. And, guilty Luke’s answers are always funny.

Unbelievable…what are you doing? So now I can’t put stuff up there? I’m looking right at you. Excuse me sir, that’s mine. I use that for sandwiches, toast, all kinds of stuff. Can I have it? Why do you have my bread?

This guilty pup gets even cuter when approached again by his owner. He seems as if he’s the most innocent pup in the world, even though he’s entirely guilty of this horrendous pup crime.

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@tracigrimsley Bread bandit 🙄 #foryou #goldenretriever #goldenretrieverlife #Lukethegoldenchild ♬ original sound – Traci Grimsley

Uhm? Are you talking to me? I have no idea about the food you’re talking about. Moreover, I don’t even think I’ve ever seen such food in my entire life. Guilty, me? No!

@tracigrimsley #foryoupage #goldenretriever #luke #foodthief #lukethegoldenchild #chipotle #guacamole ♬ original sound – Traci Grimsley

The food bandit isn’t very fond of the lectures given to him. You can almost see his eyes rolling at the back of his head. Well, we thank him for the absolutely adorable laughs he gave us. You can’t really blame him, the food was right there!

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