Chihuahuas must be from another planet. How else could you explain their fearlessness and quirky behavior? These tiny dogs seem to believe they can conquer anything, no matter the size difference. Case in point: a recent meet-up between a 6-pound Chihuahua and a moose.

This video shows the little Chihuahua bravely facing off against a mother moose in his Alaskan backyard. In the most unexpected way possible, it’s the moose that retreats first!

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Thanks to @imnotsoanonymous for sharing this incredible moment. We’re all relieved that the Chihuahua wasn’t hurt, and even made a case for himself Without the protective fence, this encounter could have turned out very differently.

How a Chihuahua and a Moose Get Along

While not much is known about this courageous Chihuahua, his actions have earned him a place in the Bravery Hall of Fame. Living in Alaska, moose sightings are not uncommon, so his fenced yard provides a safe space for his outdoor adventures.

This fence not only keeps him secure but also serves as a crucial barrier against wandering moose, which can be quite risky if not handled well.

In the video, the initial tension between the moose and the Chihuahua calms down very quickly. After a brief moment of sizing each other up, both creatures decide to move along peacefully, as if choosing peace over fighting.

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The moose, seemingly a bit embarrassed, lowers her head and resumes munching on grass. If we had some of that Dolittle wisdom in us, we’d be sure she was about to say, “I wasn’t even paying attention to you…”

Luckily, a follow-up video reveals the mother moose returning to the yard, this time accompanied by her calf. Her previous aggression now makes complete sense to us, as she was simply protecting her young one. Once she realizes the Chihuahua poses no threat, she calms down and retreats.

Why You Should Never Approach a Moose

Whether you encounter a moose in your yard or during a walk, it’s essential to exercise caution. Moose, especially those with calves, can become highly aggressive if they feel threatened. They might charge, causing significant harm. It’s not that moose are inherently hostile, but they are not used to humans or barking dogs.

Here’s what you should do if you spot a moose:

  1. Stay Still: If a moose is very close, your best bet is to remain as quiet and still as possible. Most moose will ignore you if you don’t appear threatening.
  2. Create Distance: If you have the opportunity, gently move away from the moose, preferably putting a barrier like a fence or a door between you and the animal.
  3. Watch for Calves: Be especially mindful of baby moose, as their mothers will be particularly protective.
  4. Alert Others: Inform your neighbors about the sighting. If the moose appears aggressive, contact local wildlife authorities.

Now that the mama moose is familiar with the brave Chihuahua and understands he’s not a threat, future encounters are likely to be less tense. Her comfort level is evident as she confidently brings her calf into the yard once more.

Wrapping Up

This epic face-off between a pint-sized pooch and a towering moose is enough to remind us that bravery isn’t about size; it’s about spirit. Our tiny hero’s encounter has not only entertained many but also highlighted the importance of respecting wildlife and understanding the dynamics of animal behavior.

So, the next time you see a Chihuahua standing its ground, remember that there’s a little warrior in that small frame, ready to take on the world, one moose at a time.

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