A small dog shot with an arrow is now safe at home with her new family. Now, there’s a big reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person who injured the chihuahua

“It was love at first sight.. oh my gosh, what’s not to love,” said Lyn Thornton, a La Quinta resident who adopted the dog.

The little Chihuahua mix Thornton just adopted was named Tiffany Grace.

Tiffany because she is a precious little jewel. And Grace, because of God’s grace, her little life was spared,” Thornton said. 

Thornton referred to the horrendous cruelty against Tiffany Grace a few weeks ago. When she was found wandering Desert Hot Springs after getting shot with an arrow.

“It’s just horrifying that someone could hurt any animal. She weighs five pounds,” Thornton said. 

Thanks to the Riverside County Department of Animal Services veterinarians, Tiffany Grace is recovering fully.

As she enjoys her new home, animal control officers continue to search for whoever shoots her.

The Arrow Story

“This is intentional cruelty to an animal,” said Commander Josh Sisler. 

Sisler says the crime has created so much public outrage that there are now big rewards. For information leading to the shooter’s arrest and conviction.

“Dr. Gary Michelson with the Michelson Animal Foundation has offered $25,000 in reward money. On top of that, PETA has offered $5,000,” Sisler said. 

The Animal Solutions Konnection Foundation also promises another $1,000, bringing the total to $31,000. 

Thornton is hoping the money will help identify the shooter.

She’s also happy to give Tiffany Grace the loving home she deserves. But she also points out this little dog is helping her get through an emotional time.

About a year and a half ago, Thornton’s husband, Jim passed away.

He was a 38-year veteran of the Los Angeles Police Department.

“Devastating, devastating, a whole different life moving forward. That’s what I must do, and just one foot in front of the other one day at a time.” Thornton said. 

And that’s why Thornton is grateful to have a little friend like this, so she doesn’t have to walk alone.

“She will hopefully have a nice, very, very happy life,” Thornton said. 

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