Dog dealer Elena Katerova, who runs Tiffany Chihuahuas & Pomeranians, sold a Pomeranian to Love Island stars Molly-Mae Hague and Tommy Fury. They were devastated after the pup died within days. Their dog dealer was to blame.

dog dealer, Molly-Mae’s Scandalous Dog Dealer Unmasked
Elena Katerova, pictured left, Tommy Fury and Molly-Mae Hague, pictured right (Image: ITV)

The celebrity dog dealer was previously accused of flogging a pooch with a broken leg to unsuspecting owners.

Breeder Elena Katerova, who runs Tiffany Chihuahuas & Pomeranians, hit the headlines this week. This was after the pup she sold to the couple died within days of them bringing him home.

Moreover, Mr. Chai had been imported from Russia and his death left the celebrity pair devastated.

Who Was the Notorious Dog Dealer?

The Mirror previously revealed Katerova had been embroiled in a 2018 court battle with an unhappy customer. She discovered the Pomeranian she’d bought from her had a metal splint in one leg.

Jane Martin bought an animal named Bella from Katerova. Then, she claimed she had not been told about her injury.

“Six weeks after the operation the seller sold the dog to me for £5,000. She claimed the dog to be a perfect example of the breed,” posted Jane on ­Trustpilot.

dog dealer, Molly-Mae’s Scandalous Dog Dealer Unmasked
Elena Katerova, pictured, runs Tiffany Chihuahuas & Pomeranians (Image: Instagram)

She was refunded through her bank but then refused to return the puppy, saying: “I made it clear I was willing to pay an appropriate price but this was declined.”

Elena admitted that the puppy had broken a leg but said it had recovered and accused Ms Martin of trying to get it cheaply.

Moreover, she sued and Ms. Martin was ordered to pay her £1,201. In a counterclaim, Katerova was ordered to pay £927 to Ms. Martin.

dog dealer, Molly-Mae’s Scandalous Dog Dealer Unmasked
Katerova, pictured, appeared on This Morning in 2018 with three dogs, including one that was wearing a dress (Image: ITV)

The Aftermath

Katerova found herself at the centre of controversy again that year when she appeared on This Morning with one of her dogs which was wearing a dress.

Moreover, she was on the show’s famous sofa with chihuahuas, one of which had been forced into a costume. Viewers expressed their outrage as the dogs appeared to look terrified.

Since news broke of the death of Molly-Mae and Tommy’s puppy, Katerova has denied breaking any rules and insisted she has “legitimate partners, family and resources in Russia” and that clients see the mother and pup via videos.

dog dealer, Molly-Mae’s Scandalous Dog Dealer Unmasked
Tommy Fury, pictured left, and Molly-Mae Hague, pictured, were devastated by the death of their puppy Mr Chai, pictured (Image: Instagram)

She said in a statement: “I am truly devastated to learn about the death of Mr Chai. He was a beautiful young dog with a loving and playful temperament.

“I had watched him grow up, having regular video calls with his birth family. My heart goes out to Molly Mae and Tommy at this time.

“Mr Chai was a healthy dog. I only work with trusted people and have a small network of reputable breeders who care for their dogs to the very highest standards and see animals as part of their family.

The Resolution

“I have rigorous processes in place to check animal health and the suitability of forever homes providing support and guidance for health and wellbeing throughout. I have worked with dogs my entire life and this has never happened before.”

The Mirror has revealed the founder of Lucy’s Law, vet Marc Abraham, has called for an investigation into the death of Tommy and Molly-Mae’s pup.

The Mirror-backed law makes it illegal for third party dealers, such as pet shops and online traders, to sell puppies.

It is designed to stop unscrupulous breeders having a route to market and came into law this year.

Source: Mirror

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