A group of kids found an old homeless Chihuahua while he was seeking refuge under a car, so they contacted Hope for Paws to help.

I wasnt able to rescue this older dog by myself... I needed help..mp4 snapshot 00.40.689
Hope For Paws/Youtube

The canine was older and looked like, for some time now, he had been fending for himself. The poor homeless animal was a little timid, but still, he cooperated with the rescuers and allowed them to pick him up.

The rescuers placed the dog inside their car and named him Stimpy.

The sweet pup looked relieved when he understood he was finally saved.

The Poor Dog in the Street

While inside the car, he laid on the blanket and slept. The sweet dog was probably sleeping without worry after a long time.

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I wasnt able to rescue this older dog by myself... I needed help..mp4 snapshot 02.56.200
Hope For Paws/Youtube

When the rescuers brought him back to the rescue they gave him a relaxing bath and trimmed his overgrown nails.

Stimpy was so tired and he wanted to nap again.

The sweet dog recovered quickly and was sent to live in a foster home.

YouTube video

Source: newsaboutanimals

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