Pahrump Shelters Never Forgotten Animal Society has taken in 20 chihuahuas at its already overcrowded shelter from a hoarder in Riverside County, Calif., and other protection and individuals in the area are working to rehome additional dogs that It rescued.

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Pahrump Shelters

“I was told it was 20 at first. But when our driver returned, it was 32,” Executive Director Pat Leming said. “We could help, so we agreed to take 20 of them and put the call out to some of the other rescues.”

PAWS and Forgotten Friends took in 10 of the dogs, Leming said.

Leming lauded the efforts of her volunteers and Crystal Mollison, the kennel manager who worked to receive the chihuahuas at the facility.

“I couldn’t get in early enough to help her,” Leming said. “They unloaded and got them settled, watered, and fed. It amazes me that we were able to get them all processed. You learn to become a juggler and do your best with what you’ve got.”

Leming said several chihuahuas are awaiting homes that spoke about the nonprofit’s guidelines to accept pets.

She noted that animals received at the facility must be in good health.

“We don’t want health or teeth issues because nobody funds us,” she said. “And those are hard expenses for us to take on.”

Animals also must be under five years old.


Never Forgotten Animal Society will host a fundraiser on March 6 at the Wine Ridge RV Resort & Cottages, 3800 Winery Road.

“We work with a program coming up called Hearts for Paws. And because of our space, we’re limited as to the number that we can put into the space that we have,” she said. “We had to limit the number of tickets, and they sold out almost immediately. We will have a silent, and those are a hoot.”

For additional information on events and donations supporting the Never Forgotten Animal Society, call 775-537-8674, or log on to

The facility also maintains a Facebook site.

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